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Today I come to you with my Salehoo review 2019 to hopefully help you make an informed buying decision. I want to start with where my passion for online business originated. Many of you all have your own stories, but here is mine…


As a kid, I was raised on a farm. My grandparents and parents would harvest various crops. Potatoes, corn, peppers, tobacco, and beans. At a young age, I was mesmerized at how my family would take these goods to market and make money from them. Many of these crops yielded several “pickings”, which provided them with items/produce to sell throughout an entire season.

Salehoo 2019 Review Seller

As I grew older, I developed a passion for e-commerce. Finding items here and there at yard sales, consignment stores, auctions and thrift shops was easy but quickly became a daunting task. A few bucks here, a few bucks there from Amazon, Ebay, and yard sales of my own. What I quickly realized was that the ease of acquiring products became harder. Many of us want so badly to scale a side gig into a full blown business, yet sourcing product for a season or the entire year becomes an issue. I turned to Google to attain my sources, but I quickly found that the internet was full of scams and shiny objects with inflated promises that never materialized.

I had all but given up on the idea that an online presences would ever be a viable option for me; however, a mentor whom I have a great deal of respect for recommended that I try a service called SaleHoo. I was skeptical at first, but then I saw it was cheap ($67) and had a 60-day money back guarantee. The company has over 8,000 legitimate suppliers, a hot-trends research lab, a huge support network, and an active forum with over 100,000 members. So I thought – what do I have to lose? Since there were many positives with a huge supporting cast, I gave it a try. It did, indeed, help me find the very best suppliers of cheap, legitimate items! But there are some downsides, so I suggest you read my whole review before you consider purchasing.

Salehoo Review 2019: 8,000+ Vetted, Low-Cost Suppliers

A trustworthy working relationship between seller and product source is so important for long-term success in business. Whether a person is interested in well-known brands or is someone just looking to acquire a comparable product that is hot on the market, SaleHoo has you covered. That is why I loved SaleHoo. They have a guarantee that all of their suppliers are legitimate, real people selling items that are not fakes. I have seen it for myself; they are real and can be trusted. Best of all, they offer competitive prices, so that a that a healthy profit margin is attainable. I haven’t been able to find other suppliers that compare to the low prices that SaleHoo has. No matter which business model you prefer from wholesalers, to dropshippers, to direct-manufacturers, or to liquidators, SaleHoo has sources for everyone. Because of this, the database of sources provides a business owner with endless possibilities. One may stumble upon a winning source for products, but this service makes the process much more efficient. CLICK HERE TO BUY

SaleHoo Review 2019: Amazing Support and an Active Forum

SaleHoo 2019 Review Suport

If you need some extra help or have some questions to ask, the SaleHoo staff are responsive to email inquiries and questions. As an example, I have emailed the staff if I had a certain product or niche in mind, and they have sent me a lengthy email with possible dropshippers who offer that specific product. In some ways, if feels like there is built-in coaching for any step along the way. The responses are always prompt. Someone typically replies within 24 hours (during the business week) with a list of fantastic suppliers and recommendations. The other notable companies for product sourcing don’t seem to be as generous with mentoring their clients like Salehoo.

We have all heard the expression that “it takes a village”. As such, the company has a forum of active members, all looking to help one another. Boasting one of the biggest forums on the internet, questions are oftentimes answered within minutes by a kind and courteous audience of like-minded individuals. Moderators also ensure that the experience is optimal for all users. CLICK HERE TO BUY

SaleHoo Review 2019: Innovative Research Lab

SaleHoo 2019 Review Research

This is something really amazing –they have a great feature called the Research Lab. Trending items that are hot sellers on Ebay are listed and updated frequently. This means that an online business owner can basically experience guaranteed success by only cherry picking items that sell well! It also includes other important information like the best time to start and finish auctions for particular items. The Research Lab offers time efficiency so that the anyone running an e-commerce store or selling within a marketplace can sink money into winning products, taking away the gamble and guess work! The product labs offer idea generation and tried and true producst that people are in the market for. This lone feature makes the Salehoo a viable option. CLICK HERE TO BUY

SaleHoo Does Require Some Prior Knowledge

SaleHoo 2019 Review Prior Knowledge

One con with SaleHoo is that it doesn’t include absolutely everything you need to get started in selling items on eBay if you are beginning. This type of training and knowledge will have to be acquired elsewhere through trial and error. SaleHoo won’t teach the art of persuasion and sales copy, or the secret sauce to become a power seller and make six figures per year. For that, I recommend Online Selling Tactics. I took the course, and learned a lot – and was very impressed. If physical products don’t seem appealing and service or digital products are more your style, check out this opportunity by CLICKING HERE

SaleHoo Sources Occasionally Require a Tax ID number

SaleHoo 2019 Review Tax ID #

Another con for some is the intimidation factor of getting a tax ID number, but this opens up many possibilities. Sometimes to deal with quality sources a seller must have a Tax ID number when he/she wants to scale a business to a high level. While a tax ID varies from state to state, the gist of it is one must apply with the state’s revenue service and then the person will be issued a number unique to them. It usually consists of filling out an application and the process usually takes a few days at most. While Salehoo offers product sources that do not require a Tax ID number, one should seriously follow through with applying for the tax ID number in order to use the full spectrum of options that SaleHoo has to offer.

Conclusion – Should You Buy, or Not?

In this SaleHoo Review 2019, I hope that I have presented some of the pro and cons to this . Should you buy SaleHoo? The answer, in my experience, is a resounding YES! It has over 8,000 suppliers (wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and liquidators). They are legitimate and the lowest price that I could find. Their support staff is the best in the industry and they even tell you which products are the best to sell and which ones aren’t selling, saving you money. To buy it, go here and take a look for yourself:


Feel free to leave comment or email me about what is your biggest obstacle with an online business. We can put together some bonuses to bridge the gap and as always I offer free one-on-one help anytime.


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