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Online Teaching Background Ideas

Visually appealing online teaching background ideas are important to consider and an integral part of keeping students’ attention during the lessons. If a teacher were to have a white wall in the background, the learning environment would be lacking. Students might be less engaged. At the start, I had no idea how this online teaching journey would work out for me. During the interview process, I was not sure if I would even be hired. I did not want to invest a lot in my background if I could keep from it. Read on to see my before and after backgrounds. To apply for Qkids, follow the link by clicking right here.

Note: I would like to preface this post by saying that I am no expert on what an optimal online classroom background looks like. However, I will say that what I had in the beginning was good enough to receive the starter bonus that the Qkids company gives to teachers who have an attractive online classroom.

Online Teaching Background Before

Online Teaching Background Before

The supplies that I used to make up my background consisted of a very short list. A Disney alphabet picture was my focal point. It was something my mom bought for me from the thrift store–totally free. Christmas lights were used to outline the picture. These were also free. When we moved into our current house, the previous owners had left the lights in a box of Christmas decorations in the storage closet. I made a name tag using printer paper and markers. To finish off the background, I put a stuffed 3′ Minnie and Mickey Mouse on each side of the alphabet picture. I also laid some stuffed animals on the desk directly behind me and placed an easel to the side in case I needed it.

As I previously mentioned, this gave me the background bonus of $8 from Qkids which was a relief to me. This background cost a few dollars at most, and the supplies were all purchased from thrift shops. My point I want to make is that it takes next to nothing to create a background that is kid-friendly and appealing to the eye. Don’t let this part deter you from applying.

Even though my background sufficed, I felt like everything that I had put on the wall was the same color. The background seemed too washed out. I later printed off the main characters–Koby and Momo and also placed them on the wall. I just felt like my background was a hodge podge of “stuff”. After several months with the company and seeing that this was something I truly enjoyed, I invested more in an attractive background.

Online Teaching Background After

Teaching Background After

The supplies for my second background consisted of a higher price tag but still fairly cheap, nonetheless. I bought a trifold board which adds plenty of brightness to the area. Tie dye decorative duct tape was used as the border around the trifold board. I bought string lights, and they seemed to be easier to work with than the bigger and bulkier Christmas lights. I bought some sticker letters that I purchased from the craft section at Walmart. On one side of the board I put my nickname “Mr. Blue” and on the other side I spelled “Qkids”. I also took the character pictures and put them on the board as well.

Lastly, I still placed the Minnie and Mickey Mouse on each side of the board. All of these supplies ended up costing around $40 dollars give or take. I make that back during one day of teaching. I also removed the easel to reduce the cluttered look.

By placing everything on the trifold board, it created two benefits to my overall background.

  1. It makes my background portable, so that I can take it with me if I am out of town or on vacation.
  2. My background is more of a cohesive whole, and it just feels like my background has more purpose.

Final Thoughts

A teaching space and a quality background do not have to be expensive, and it does not require an entire office space. My work area is in the corner of my ustairs bedroom. I know other teachers who use laundry rooms and other small areas with limited space. Some teachers have used shower curtains and tensions rods as their background, and these work just fine. There is honestly no right or wrong as long as the space is neat and pleasing to a child’s eye. If you typically wear light colors, go with a darker backround or vice versa. Hopefully this gives you some ideas and eases your mind when thinking about what truly determines a desired online teaching background. A little imagination and creativity go a long way! Have fun! To apply for Qkids, follow the link by clicking right here.

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  1. good one. include links for the materials you bought from Walmart. It will give them a quick way to order the same and give you $$$ if they do.

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