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Devotion for Today: Matthew 5:13

Devotion for Today

Devotion for Today

The devotion for today is Matthew 5:13. To read last week’s devotion CLICK HEREThe devotion this week really spoke to me. The expression “if your are worth your salt” came to mind for me.

What worth do I have for this world?

Am I a loyal employee and colleague, devoid of gossip?

Do my actions always reflect unconditional love for my spouse?

Do I spend enough time with my kids and set a good example for them?

Are our actions more godly or earthly?

We must be good christian examples if we want to be “worth our salt” with any human being we come in contact with.  Are we walking the walk?

A pinch of salt for a colleague who needs help at work. Some grains of salt for the person wanting to speak about the boss negatively.

A dash of salt with a compliment to your wife about how nice she looks in her new outfit.

A tablespoon of salt for your children to help you with the recipe for supper.

All of the salt you spread adds flavor to your character and the world around you!

When we begin to stray from those positive, Godly aspects of life, we then begin to lose our salty flavor.

Eye Opener

An example of slightly straying was a time, several years ago, when we had some friends over.  Adults sometimes have an occasional adult beverage and casual conversation.  My whole perspective changed, when my daughter approached me and asked what I was drinking. When I told her it was a beer, she asked if she could have a drink. I said “no” and stated that it was only for adults.  She asked why, and I explained that it had alcohol in it and that children should not be drinking alcohol because it is not good for them. Her next question rendered me speechless…

“If alcohol isn’t good for me, then why are you drinking something that is not good for you either?”

From the mouths of babes…

My daughter made a valid point to me that day and she was right. Since then, I have felt convicted. I felt like I lost some credibility with her that day. She looks up to me and has only seen me drink very few times, so when I was drinking something she had not seen very often, it really stood out in her mind. Her question that day was completely innocent and something I needed to hear.

Perhaps I lost a little of my salt that day, but the beauty in all of this is that it does not have to end with that one event. Anyone who strays or loses some of their spiritual brine, by partaking in an earthly time, does not need to feel hopeless.  Every day in a new day and we must make the best of it with the actions we show. Stay salty, my friends. 🙂

To watch some powerful testimonies CLICK HERE.

Devotion For Today: Luke 6:38


Devotion for Today

Devotion for Today

The devotion for today is Luke 6:38. To read a little motivation from the last blog post click here. We all have talents and gifts we can bestow on others. Some of us are intimidated by the idea of giving to others. It is not that we are selfish; however, I know sometimes I do not feel worthy nor do I always feel like my cup runs over with talents or gifts that I can pass on to others.  Having said that, God has given each of us gifts that we should outwardly bless others with. We just has to be receptive to the subtle hints and messages He gives us.

I might add that this does not have to be a monetary gift to someone else.  Gifts come in all forms. Some may bless others with music. Others are great communicators. Some are great writers. Others can cook anything you ask them. Whatever the gift and talent may be give it, give it, give it!

No Strings Attached

I will never forget one time when a friend of ours, down on his luck, came to us to borrow some money. We had noticed some changes in his behavior, but he had been so helpful to us, so I was quick to give him the money.  After I gave him the money, I went back inside feeling defeated.

Leah (my wife): Whats wrong?

Me: He just asked me for money. I might as well kiss that goodbye.

Leah: If you are willing to give someone money, Never expect it back. In the end, expecting something back only makes you bitter and defeats the whole purpose.

I feel that this encounter that day was a great reminder for me that if we, as people, feel moved to gift someone money, we should NEVER expect something back in return. That goes for anything.  Don’t give with the intent to receive praise, recognition, or something in return, but know that the Lord will bless those who are willing to give and to serve.

What if I am broke and/or have no talent?

I oftentimes feel this way. I feel that I have no talent nor am I worthy enough to bless someone else.  However, that is my mind only playing games with me. If you are struggling to find what works for you, then simply give others the gift of kindness.  Include others in your day-to-day. Never let someone sit alone. With suicide on the rise more and more every year, goodness is the biggest gift that ALL of us can give. Kind words can be the difference in someone making a poor decision due to a sense of hopelessness or having a more positive outlook. It really can be the difference in saving someone’s life.

For great testimonials and motivation, click here.

Returning to God After Backsliding

Return to the Cross

We have all had our moments. Those times when we have lashed out at someone. We have said things we shouldn’t. Bad thoughts enter our mind. Our actions are sometimes contradictory to how we are most of the time. In life, people are all going to have their vices. I discuss this in my blog post entitled Persevere Throughout the Year. Oftentimes, we become so ashamed when we start backsliding as Christians; however, returning to God after backsliding is easier than one might think. YOU ARE NEVER A LOST CAUSE. Today I share with you some of the key points from the sermon that was delivered at my church yesterday with the addition of how I connected with each of the points. Each point revolves around the initials “HP”.

Honest Prayer

Honesty is the best policy and that is definitely the case when it comes to prayer. Pray for peace and pray for guidance during times of adversity. This morning during holy communion, I left it all at the altar. The Lord already knows, but there is this feeling of peace during prayer that comforts me when I am weary.

The last few months, I have been super frustrated with wanting to provide more for my family but not really knowing where to start. I have wanted to provide more financial security. I have researched and researched various side jobs, but nothing makes sense and nothing seems worth enough money to pull me away from my family more than I already am.

During my search, it has left me feeling overwhelmed and super anxious, which in turn, makes me hard to live with. The very people I am doing the research for are the ones I sometimes take it out on the most. It has also distanced me from my relationship with the Lord.

Today, as I knelt, I teared up because I know that I have strayed from Him. My focus has been less on my spiritual life and more on my personal and professional life. It felt so good to be honest about all of this today–to have honest prayer, which is something I have neglected for such a long time.

Do you personally talk to your Lord and Savior daily?

Heartfelt Penitence

We need to right our wrongs. Saying sorry helps but changed actions heal. A few years ago, a man openly slandered my name to others in the community. He defamed my character and never blinked an eye. People would come and tell me what he was saying. I wanted so much to retaliate physically or confront him. I harbored so much dislike for this individual. However, what I noticed was that it made me physically sick but probably did not even phase him.

Over time, I realized that this type of feeling was simply a curved blade and the feelings I had toward him were coming right back to just hurt me. Once I had this realization, I vowed to bury it. Harboring hatred only led to my spiritual breakdown. Forgive and forget past transgressions and mend broken fences.

Are you willing to forgive and forget?

Humble Persistence

The first two are nothing unless you continue striving for the first two. It is easy to be on fire for the Lord for a week but fall back into the same slump once again.

Be deliberate. A closer relationship with the Lord will mean we make a point to pray and we make a point to shed the chains of hate and wrongdoings.

Not every day will be easy. Some days those negative thoughts will creep back into our minds, but it is important to stomp them at the onset.

The more rocks we carry, the heavier the load is that is ready to break us down.

Persistent positive steps in the right direction become habit over time and catapult us into peace. The same can be said for negative thoughts that mar us in misery.

Are you just a one-week warrior or are you persistent?

Holy Praise

During the good times and bad, praise Him. Simple as that. It is easy to be a fair weather Christian and praise during the good times, but how do we react when life happens?

Sure, holy praise means that you go to church, tithe, and participate whenever the doors are open. However, I feel that holy praise also entails allowing the Lord to shine through us in all we do and spreading our love for Him to others when opportunities arise. Don’t force feed someone who is not willing to partake of the bread, but always be at the table when opportunity presents itself.

That is not to say that a person needs to go out and do “look at me” deeds, but instead, we should consider ourselves second. Be of service to others. Consistently help others. CLICK HERE to listen to amazing testimonies of how people across the world, from all walks of life, are placing themselves second and allowing Christ to live through their actions.

Do you praise Him during the sunshine and storms?

Conclusion–Have Peace

These were some nice gentle reminders for me. As I sat in my pew, the four main points were a revival of sorts for me. Are there areas in your life you fall short? It is never too late to steer our lives back in the right direction, and these four principles are a great foundation for change. If you are deliberate in focusing on these areas, one can have peace in his/her life. God Bless all of you. 🙂

Smile Through the Hiccups: Motivation Monday

Life happens. No one is immune to it. The thing to remember is that if you can live through it, use it as a growing experience or just a good laugh. Below is one such instance where it truly shows that we just need to smile through the hiccups. ☺

June 29th, 2017. The following is based on true events. No names or events have been altered in any way…😂

The GPS said that the first day of the trip would be 9 hours. It ended up being 14 hours. Here are a few of the high points:

•We left at 6 AM and I started the day feeling queasy. For some reason, I ate the worst food possible before a trip (Taco Bell) and traveled most of the day with the urge to vomit but never could quite get to that point. That was too bad because I would have felt much better.

•Interstate traffic was bumper to bumper, so the GPS detoured us to places in which I am sure the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was set. 90 miles worth of this type of country, actually. Note: We did manage to travel this stretch of the trip with all of our limbs still intact and we experienced no bodily harm.

•When we got back on I-95, with approximately one hour left of driving, it came a downpour that was comparable to the days of Noah.

The lovely part was that my driver’s side wiper blade quit working during the torrential downpour. We pulled over and tried to let the storm pass before traveling further. The whole time we were terrified that oncoming traffic, some of which did not have their lights on during the terrible conditions, would sideswipe our vehicle.

Once the rain slowed down some, we drove to the next exit three miles away. I had to contort my body the whole time, so that I could view the passenger side of the windshield because that was only wiper that was working. After this experience, I am such a believer in Rain-X!!! If you haven’t tried it, please do because you never know when you might end up in a Kyle Ballou situation. 😂

Thank God we convoyed with my parents because they were a huge help at this juncture of the trip.

•FINALLY, we arrived at the hotel we booked in advance. We could finally get some much needed rest before reaching our destination the following day. BUT this isn’t where the story ends! When we got to the second floor, it smelled of Mexican food, possibly with an extra order of shrimp.

When we opened the door to our room, it smelled like the people before us had just gone to the tanning bed and applied way too much brown sugar tanning lotion.

Despite all of these bizarre smells, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when the circus of roaches, that were so big they had saddles, ran out from under the bed. When we went to the front desk to report the problem, the receptionist already knew what I was going to say. We got a refund and went to a much cleaner hotel.

•Once we had settled in at our new place, I had to go to the van to get a few additional things. After such a long day, I thought I would lighten the mood some. It was 1:30 am and we had made it! Why not offer some comic relief?

I approached the hotel door, and I did what most kids would do. I knocked on the door, pressed my eye against the peep hole, and as the door opened, I planned to fall in and give Leah or one of the girls a hug.

Well, I did just that, but instead of falling into the arms of one of my sweet girls, I nearly fell into the arms of a shirtless, 250 pound, burly, tattooed man, ready to whip my a$&! So thankful he spared my life.

At that point I went back to the correct room and told Leah what had just happened. We both had a great laugh and went to bed.

The next day was much better and that week was wonderful! 🙌🏻😂😳😬
So that’s my story.

The Peeled Potato: Motivation Monday

It has been a while since I have written because I have been super busy finishing another school year.  To read my last Motivation Monday CLICK HERE. This Motivation Monday I share with you something that has been on my mind quite a bit. Then I came across a Facebook status update from several years ago that captures the idea perfectly. I would like to share it today: I simply call it “The Peeled Potato”.

The Peeled Potato: Motivation Monday

Facebook 2013: Sometimes it’s the simple things. The other night Leah was downstairs, and I microwaved two potatoes–one for supper, the other to eat when I came back from running errands. I assumed Leah knew that I had cooked two potatoes, and on my way out the door, I asked her if she could peel the potato for me. She gave me a funny look like I was crazy, but kindly smiled and said sure. When I got back home, this is what I found on the counter–a raw, peeled potato. She had no idea that there was a cooked one still in the microwave. Even though she didn’t realize what I meant, she still did all she could to make me happy. Now every time I peel potatoes or see one, I laugh and realize that I have an awesome wife

Appreciate kind people who sincerely care for you. Recognize their efforts, even when it is not what you envisioned in your mind. In the end, they were trying to please you.

Hold on to the people who understand your awkward quirks and embrace all of your anxieties and shortcomings.

Be there for those people who hold compassion for other’s feelings central to their heart. Check in with them just as they often do with you.

In conclusion, I may be a little biased, but I am so thankful for my wife and the caring, loving mother and spouse she is. God was truly looking out for me when we crossed paths. Search for friends and mates with these qualities and never settle until you find the right people. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly. Happy Monday to everyone!

Hold Tight to Your People

This Motivation Monday is a brief one. To read last week’s Motivation Monday CLICK HERE. Something that I often think of from time to time is simply this–your trust is valuable and should be earned. Always hold tight to “your people” and make sure your gratitude is shown to them through your words and actions. Consider these questions:

  • If you were to lose everything, who would try to help you or still be by your side?
  • Have you ever considered who your true, genuine friends are?
  • If someone close to you died, who would be there to comfort you or at least send condolences?
  • Who reaches out to ask how you are doing or to just make a connection weekly?
  • If someone spoke ill of you, would that person nip the negative talk in the bud or would he/she agree with the person and partake in negative talk?

Many of you, as you read the list of questions, can quickly start crossing people off your list. The older I get the more I see that friends are quality over quantity, all day every day. I can quickly see who is worth my time and who is not. Sure, I will be cordial to everyone I am in contact with, but I can’t say all those people have my full trust. It is no knock to anyone in particular, but it is the harsh reality of life.

It takes a few times of getting burned to realize that some people talk out of both sides of their mouths. What is important to remember is that type of person is simply weak. The only way they can find comfort is by blending in with their present environment, even if it is a toxic one.

Some Never Grow Up…

Now that I have daughters, impressionable little ones, I am even more vocal about finding true friends and to never accept bad treatment just to have a sense of belonging. Elementary is a beautiful time because kids are innocent, and for the most part, they are kind to one another. Then comes the pivotal middle school and high school years, and somewhere along the way some young minds become twisted by the outside world, to one extent or another. People become blatantly mean to others. Many of those same mean people enter adulthood, yet they never mature in that regard. Their meanness just becomes more sophisticated and hidden.

So, today’s post is not intended to be one in which I rant, but my main point is to reach out and make contact with the ones who matter. Those people who like you with no strings attached. The ones who celebrate your successes and accomplishments and never find delight in your failures. Hold tight to “your people” and NEVER SETTLE for weak people. I end with this quote from The Greatest Showman which is so true and something to always remember.

hold tight to your people

Enjoy the Little Moments

Enjoy the little moments

This Motivation Monday I come to you with the simple advice to ENJOY THE LITTLE MOMENTS.  

A little over two years ago, we moved to a different house for a couple of reasons.

  1. We had outgrown the starter home that we moved into when we first married.
  2. We wanted a place more off the main road, away from the busy highway. The traffic scared us since we had small children.

Each time we drive by our previous house, I find myself saying the same thing–we had so many good memories in that house, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. My wife, Leah, always makes a good point that we are also making memories in our new home, and we need to pay attention as those memories unfold daily.

Life Sometimes Blinds Us

Adulting is hard. Simple as that. Many days are just survival mode at best. Factor in kids and it adds another ripple of responsibility. Work life leaves us running on fumes. Mix in after school activities, homework, supper, baths. WOW! Our tanks are completely empty.

One day I had come to a point where I felt as if I had “too many irons in the fire” and the more I tried the harder things seemed. I had goals and ideas I wanted to accomplish, but it just seemed like there was not enough of me to go around. I exclaimed WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?!? Leah quickly responded with something that is so true…

“No one ever said it would be easy, but it is all worth it.”

Leah has always kept me focused at times when I become negative or just want to quit. No one ever said it would be easy, but it is all worth it! Yes!

Play “Bocks”

So many times we get caught up in trivial things. Today I share with you a story and one of those Aha! moments that puts things into full perspective.

It had been a long week. My wife and I are both school teachers, and the day had been exhausting. We also have three daughters. Dori is 9. Holly is 5, and Kylea is 2. With us going to work and the kids going to school and daycare, dirty clothes accumulate more than we like for them to. People have died on Mount Everest, and Leah was pretty certain that this week, with a mountain of clothes about the same size, her life might be claimed as well. Leah’s goal for the weekend was to strictly focus on laundry.

As she folded load of laundry after load of laundry, there was a little voice in the living room floor that made Leah hesitate as she was folding yet another pair of jeans. Below I share with you Leah’s account of it, as she shared it on Facebook…

“Last night when we got home I immediately started working on the laundry.

While Kylea’s sisters were downstairs watching a movie with Daddy, she asked me to ‘play bocks.’

I got the blocks out, and as we were going over to play, I grabbed some clothes out of the dryer that I was going to fold as she was building. As a working mom of 3, I am always double tasking.

‘No mommy, don’t fold the clothes. Play bocks.’

This my friends stopped me in my tracks. Those clothes folded just fine this morning.”

Here is the video of that special moment that we captured.

Are our priorities truly in the order they should be? I certainly know at times I get mine mixed up. The scary thing is that if we are not careful the little things that truly matter will have passed us by and we will be saying to ourselves…

Man, we had so many good memories. I just didn’t realize it at the time.


I leave you with this poem that is thought provoking when thinking about this topic. Simple, yet so true…

Dust we are and to dust we shall return. What we decide to do with our time in between makes all the difference in the world.

Behold the Helpers

Today I come to you with a quick blog post. Each day, on Facebook, I check my memories on this day, from years and years ago, and one memory came up that I had forgotten about, yet it still holds so much truth. The gist of the memory was to behold the helpers.

Every day, through social media and day-to-day life, our world is filled with the “bad” because the media, and people in general, sadly thrive on controversy. What controversies am I referring to? Well take your pick….political bickering, religious bickering, fist fights, school shootings, child neglect, child abduction, child abuse, addictions overtaking people’s lives, acts of violence from terrorist shootings and bombings…you name it. Anything is a possibility these days.

I have come to a point in my life that if something political, controversial, or downright terrible pops up in my newsfeed, I simply hide it. My heart has trouble handling it. It drains my joy and evokes emotions and thoughts that distance me from the inner peace I want in my life. I am as guilty as anyone to reading or looking at such things, and in extreme cases, responding to them. The garbage steals our precious time, especially the more we give in to it.

The truly unfortunate thing is that we cannot always hit a hide button to escape the bad things. Sometimes these things happen in life and we must face them head-on. Attacks on us or our nation cannot be ignored. We must keep ourselves safe and be willing to help others. Good will should resonate in everything we say and do. That can directly and indirectly change the evil. Simple as that.

In conclusion, we need to remember this: society loves drama and a good debate, BUT that cannot be had when something as simple and objective as “goodness” and “happiness” come into play.

I wrote this Facebook status on April 15th, 2013. Definitely something to consider when bad things strike…

Such an unfortunate series of events unfolded today in Boston. I am just left shaking my head, wondering why people people resort to such acts of violence. As I watched the horror replayed over and over today, I looked a little closer and many people were taking the initiative to help in some way, and that reminded me that there is still a lot of good in the world.

The late Fred Rogers said the following and it is so appropriate today, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers–so many caring people in this world.”

Behold the helpers in the midst of the bad! Be a helper!

Persevere Throughout the Year

Our Peace May Cease

Over the last few weeks, I have discussed my classroom expectations–peace, participation, punctuality, preparation, and productivity.  However, I have adapted them to fit all ages in our professional, physical, and personal lives. In these three categories, the expectations sometimes take on more of a figurative rather than a literal meaning. Regardless, there must be a balance of all three in order to achieve a positive life. BUT you may say “life happens”.

Peace might be the last thing happening in our lives. Some days I don’t even like myself, let alone do I expect anyone else to like me. Work might come unraveled. Stress inhabits all corners of our lives. Things do not go as planned. We miss deadlines or maybe we just need  a break. We may have all of this pent up stress with colleagues or our work requirements seem to become more and more.

Not having inner peace with oneself and work stress might make a person come home and take things out on important people like our families, spouses, and children. We are letting them down as well.

The vicious cycle does not stop there. Our emotional peace is so draining that we do not have physical peace either.  We don’t take time to exercise and move. We binge eat junk food because we think that it comforts us. Some nights we just want to come home and go to bed. Yesterday, I came home and was so exhausted that I collapsed in the recliner and could not keep my eyes open.  When I do this I am short-changing the important people in my lives.

The Urge to Participate May Dissipate

Other Days we just want to rest. We want to sit back and just take a deep breath. Participation just seems like too much effort. Sometimes it feels like a daunting task to even murmur a word that is constructive. Our work flow may be overwhelming us and we just want to put it all to the side and just have a moment where we say that we have done all that is in our power and within our realm of effort, so we are not going to “bring it” on a particular day.

Because of that overwhelming feeling, it also zaps our energy in our personal lives, and that couch looks so enticing. We just want to fall deep into the cushions and not lift a finger the rest of the night. However, our spouses and children need the help and attention, but we just don’t have the gumption.

And forget about our physical lives and raising our heart rate for the betterment of our health and longevity. Maybe a nap would help us better on a certain day than that exercise which depletes our bodies of any energy we have left.

Punctuality May Not Be Reality

Some days we arrive at work on two wheels. We speed walk to our workplaces unsure of the direction we want the day to go. We are in survival mode and we are just thankful if we can make it to part of our duties. Forget about having anything together for the rest of the day.

Because of this rat race and being behind, we are also not on time with our compliments and kind words to others. We have our pedal to the floor and our head down, and we are looking to just make the day better for ourselves and who cares so much about what is going on in other people’s lives? We think they surely notice the train wreck we are living today, so why even acknowledge them?

Once we are late with everything else, physical activity also eludes us. We forget how exercise can sometimes be the best therapy we can experience. We just cannot deal with the thought of coupling physical exertion with such a mentally draining day of not being on time with anything.

Preparation May Cause Perspiration

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we feel like we are behind the eight ball and that we are not prepared. We plan, plan, plan, but things do not work out. This is probably one of my biggest frustrations–the way it is supposed to look in my mind vs. the way it turns out.

Again, this spirals down to a person’s personal life. It hardens us and makes us say things or do things that will place us further away from the way we are suppose to live. It makes our moral compass point in the wrong direction.

If too many of these types of days accumulate, we soon are out of shape and to a point in which we physically feel hopeless. Our weight has become unmanageable, we are out of breath just walking a short distance, our blood pressure and/or cholesterol is at a point that we are having the discussion of medicine or physical exercise to combat the problem.  Consistent neglect equals poorly preparing with regard to our physical lives.

Productivity May Limit Activity

This one is simple. We don’t get our list of important things finished while at work. We have not prioritized our time like we should. Now we have the stress of coming back to work the following day with yesterday’s work plus the present day’s work. Ugh the stress of 0 productivity.

Then we take the work home in hopes of catching up, but we do not have a productive time with our kids. We may even be irritable because we feel guilty for not spending enough time with the people who really matter.

Finally, when we think that we have caught up, it is time to make supper, bathe the kids, and do homework, so there is no way to make productive use of our physical time. We say we will work out harder the next opportunity we have to go or make some other excuse.

In conclusion, all of the above scenarios probably stressed you out just reading them. Many of us can probably relate. On paper, this whole set of principles looks great. But make no mistake, we ALL fall short. However, have peace in knowing that it is okay. This leads us to our final “P” which is PERSERVERENCE. It is ok to briefly feel sorry for yourself and be a realist and understand that not every day will be hunky-dory. The beauty is that nothing is perfect, yet we can still persevere with the right mindset.  So bare down, smile, and realize that tomorrow can always be better. Be intentional with the daily principles we have mentioned to have a more positive and fulfilling life. It is ultimately our choice in how we approach each day.



Kyle 1, Punxsutawney Phil 0

Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE critters that do not belong inside or around my house. Snakes, mice, coons, groundhogs, you name it, I hate it! On this day, I went to the garage to get something, and much to my surprise, this varmint was at the foot of the garage doorway. At first, there was no urgency, as I thought the house cat was just trying to get back in the house. However, it didn’t take long to realize that with those bucked teeth and flat tail that it was not Charlie Snow. It was, in fact, Punxsutawney Phil.

With today being Groundhog Day, Phil probably won’t exit his hole. He won’t try to assess the weather to see if he can see his shadow or not. He doesn’t want to encounter another Chuck Norris-like human again. So ol’ Phil will be taking a sabbatical from his duties until further notice, not because he saw his shadow but because he encountered Kyle Ballou. 😉

Kyle went to the garage and nearly stepped on a groundhog that was standing at our door from the house to the garage. The following is what ensued…for your viewing entertainment…😂😂😂

Posted by Leah Critz Ballou on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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