Greetings everyone! In my last article, that can be viewed here, I discussed what I thought were the bare necessities for equipment when teaching online. Now some are probably curious about what the Qkids application process looks like. To go ahead and apply, follow this link. Today I will share with you the stages of the Qkids application process and my personal experiences.

Step 1: Background and Experience

Like all companies, the first part will be turning in your resume which I did using a free app on my phone. Any resume app will work. Put down any experience you might have with education, teaching in general, or online education (even if you were only a student). A background in education is not required but a bachelor’s degree is greatly encouraged. If not, be willing to justify why you are still a worthy candidate. Next, identify your computer specs, internet speed (2 mbps upload speed needed), and days of availability (only a rough estimate). Should you need help with any of this, feel free to comment below or email me.

Step 2: Children’s Book

Secondly, introduce yourself. Share your educational background. Explain why you feel you are a good candidate. Then you read a short children’s book, exhibiting your personality and exuberance while reading. I will post my video below not to act like I am an expert but to show you that anyone can do it. This may provide you a good laugh. 🙂 I completely left my comfort zone. Remember, the main goal is to take action. To see the book I used, you can click here. This book has enough substance to showcase your personality but short enough to squeeze in during the 2-minute video. Your video should not exceed that amount of time.

Step 3: Demo Interview #1

Let me start by saying I completely dropped the ball during this part. I was applying for two different jobs. I was not providing my full efforts to either company, as there did not seem to be enough time to prepare. During this phase, you essentially show your know-how of the teaching platform. You play the games and pretend that the person interviewing you is a student. I had not properly practiced the games, so a few times I hesitated or stumbled through. The part that I did ace was knowing how to operate each of the buttons to make the software work. That was a plus. The Qkids lady was very nice and gave me suggestions for the next phase. I feel she could have easily failed me at this point. However, she was very kind, patient, and understanding. I was on to the next step.

Step 4: Demo Interview #2

During this juncture, a different member of the Qkids’ staff interviewed me. He started asking me a few general questions about my background and why Qkids interested me. It was very conversational and laid back. I felt more at ease very quickly. The next step was more of a repeat of the first interview. I showcased my know-how of the platform. The games were much easier because I prepared much more this time. I feel this is the primary thing they look for–that you show improvement each time. The man who did my interview became my mentor for the rest of the process.

Step 5: Demo Classes

Much to my surprise, he scheduled my first two classes with students the following day of my interview. I taught two back-to-back classes. This was the first time that I made money, and it felt great! Following these lessons, my mentor gave me thorough feedback on how I could improve. We correspond through an app called WeChat. My mentor scheduled two more demo classes the following day. I applied the feedback that I had received. Again, I feel Qkids wants to see if you will follow feedback sufficiently. My mentor’s second round of feedback was minimal.

Step 6: Hired and Paid!

There is no better feeling than getting the confirmation email that you have been hired. The next step is providing bank account information, so that money can be directly deposited. At first this concerned me, but Qkids has paid me numerous times with no shady business. Here is my proof of payment below:


In conclusion, Qkids has been a great company to work for. They are kind and understanding. There has never been a time that they have not accommodated me and my schedule. I fully recommend them to anyone I encounter who is looking to make extra money. If you feel you may want to apply, follow this link.

Happy Teaching!