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A Perspective Shift Can Be a Humbling Gift

We have all looked at others with a critical eye when someone might do things differently than we see it in our minds. The truth is sometimes we are so far removed from the experience that we can’t grasp another person’s struggle or idiosyncrasies. We become self-proclaimed experts. We have a canvas in our heads of all this colorful, yet fictional, set of principles we feel would be ideal. The problem is those “principles” are not the reality of life. Becoming a father gave me a perspective shift, and it was a truly humbling gift for me.

Once I had this epiphany, I wrote this poem that captures my perspective shift.


I always said, “That will never be me…
A father who lets his children run wild and free.”

I always said, “I will never let that happen!
If my kid disobeys, he will get a smackin’.”

I always said, “I don’t get it…
How a child is allowed to pull hair, hit and spit.”

I always said, “I will never touch…
germs, poop, vomit, and such.”

I always said, “I will take time for myself…
time to exercise for my health.”

I always said, “From by strong point of view, I won’t depart…
And allow stickers, crayon marks, and tacky art.”

However, time changes all things,
Especially when your own child is what the future brings.

Now things are much more real.
I am more appreciative of my kids’ strong will.

Now I see the beauty in those big bright eyes
I hear less of the smart mouth I once despised.

Now, if my kid retaliates in an unmannerly way,
I wonder what the other kid did first or had to say.

Now I have no shame in bodily function,
I investigate, dissect, smell, and suction.

Now I don’t care about the weight I lift or how far I can run.
I would rather spend time at home and have some family fun.

Now stickers on paper and crayons strewn…
Are used to make a masterpiece that is displayed and shown.

So never say never or that you won’t budge
Because one day you could be in the situation of the ones you judge.

There might be a different scenario for you that was a great awakening. Regardless, always keep an open mind and never say NEVER. 😉

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  1. Love it!

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