When I was a kid, there were years we did not have a lot of extra money. Funds were tight. My parents were hard workers, but as many know, farming is an unpredictable business.

Weather could take a toll on earnings.

A blight might destroy a crop.

The price could go rock bottom.

Farmers are at the mercy of a lot of different variables. However, one constant during times of adversity was the simple fact that Mom and Dad always provided for us kids. We always had nice shoes and outfits, even if they were secondhand. We always had enough food. While the money was little, the love was much. That is what I will always appreciate about my parents and the quality that I always hope to carry myself and also instill in my daughters. A few years back I wrote this poem and shared it with my mother, as it captures one of her many great qualities…

Good Will Mother

I have a Goodwill mother
Who can shop like none other.

Shepherd Shop, consignment, & Goodwill,
She has always had a knack at finding a good deal.

From shirts, pants, caps,and shoes
To trinkets, toys, and items slightly used.

All of this stuff she finds for a discount.
She digs and searches to pay a lesser amount.

But this poem is not about all of her thrift.
It’s about her wanting to give others a gift.

Christmas, back-to-school, and birthdays.
She has clothed her children in stylish ways.

Friends and family get unique presents all the time.
Although, some things only cost a dime.

Granted it doesn’t cost very much
It’s just a simple gesture, a kind touch.

I value her thoughtfulness each day,
Her selflessness she offers along the way.

I appreciate all her lessons,
And how she has left so many positive impressions.

I have a good will mother…I hope she is aware.
Because she gives many people unconditional care.

Thanks, Mom

If your parents or guardians are still alive today, take the time to compliment them.

Tell them good morning.

Thank them for what they have helped you with throughout life.

If they are not living, let them live on through your good example.

It is the least we can do for all they have done for us. 🙂