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Dad Bod Prevention Protocol

Dad Bod Prevention Protocol

This blog post will not be full of fluff. My body is already enough fluff without putting more here. Enter– Dad Bod Prevention Protocol.

This is for men who are tired of a dad bod or men who have bodies softer than than the throw pillow that supports their back, as they plant themselves on the couch.

There were three Ss that came to mind when deciding what I wanted in an exercise routine, since kids, jobs, and other obligations consume much of my time now.

SWEATJust move!

SUSTAINABILITYSomething that won’t make me so miserable that I won’t stick with it.

SIMPLICITYMinimal equipment. Functional fitness that will make me stronger for daily life.

This routine won’t get you show ready, but again, that’s not my intent. Toning is my intent.

Minimum Viable Prevention (MVP)

These exercises can be done daily without any problems. If need be, they can be done every other day, and on off days, walk or jog as far as comfortable.


1 set of 10

Set-Ups or Crunches

1 set of 10

Repeat this 10x

I kept the rep range low because I am just that out of shape. This was doable for me and something that made me sweat but did not make me question if I would stick with it. A stronger core and a firmer chest are ways to save yourself from full-blown dad bod or soft bod. Possibly not an end all, be all, but a start, nonetheless.

I finish the last part of the routine with either exercise bands or 20 lbs dumbbells.

Flex Curls into Shoulder Press

1 set of 20

Lying Skull Crushers

1 set of 20

Repeat this 5 times

Feeling Super Ambitious?

Put the treadmill on full incline and walk at a moderate pace with light dumbbells for 15 minutes.


That is it. This is not earth shattering stuff, but it is something that absolutely anyone can do daily. But how many will actually commit to the Minimum Viable Prevention daily? I am traditional all the way. If this is done early, one could also do something else of an evening to really up the ante, or this could be done before bed. To add more to the diet side of things, check out my No S Diet Results article. What part of your physical life will you change today? Just move. 🙂

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