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Devotion For Today: Luke 6:38


Devotion for Today

Devotion for Today

The devotion for today is Luke 6:38. To read a little motivation from the last blog post click here. We all have talents and gifts we can bestow on others. Some of us are intimidated by the idea of giving to others. It is not that we are selfish; however, I know sometimes I do not feel worthy nor do I always feel like my cup runs over with talents or gifts that I can pass on to others.  Having said that, God has given each of us gifts that we should outwardly bless others with. We just has to be receptive to the subtle hints and messages He gives us.

I might add that this does not have to be a monetary gift to someone else.  Gifts come in all forms. Some may bless others with music. Others are great communicators. Some are great writers. Others can cook anything you ask them. Whatever the gift and talent may be give it, give it, give it!

No Strings Attached

I will never forget one time when a friend of ours, down on his luck, came to us to borrow some money. We had noticed some changes in his behavior, but he had been so helpful to us, so I was quick to give him the money.  After I gave him the money, I went back inside feeling defeated.

Leah (my wife): Whats wrong?

Me: He just asked me for money. I might as well kiss that goodbye.

Leah: If you are willing to give someone money, Never expect it back. In the end, expecting something back only makes you bitter and defeats the whole purpose.

I feel that this encounter that day was a great reminder for me that if we, as people, feel moved to gift someone money, we should NEVER expect something back in return. That goes for anything.  Don’t give with the intent to receive praise, recognition, or something in return, but know that the Lord will bless those who are willing to give and to serve.

What if I am broke and/or have no talent?

I oftentimes feel this way. I feel that I have no talent nor am I worthy enough to bless someone else.  However, that is my mind only playing games with me. If you are struggling to find what works for you, then simply give others the gift of kindness.  Include others in your day-to-day. Never let someone sit alone. With suicide on the rise more and more every year, goodness is the biggest gift that ALL of us can give. Kind words can be the difference in someone making a poor decision due to a sense of hopelessness or having a more positive outlook. It really can be the difference in saving someone’s life.

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