As mentioned in previous posts, I am a public school teacher.  We do what we do for love of the kids and not so much for the money that we make. I had come to a point where I wanted to find a side gig–something that I could do to supplement my income.  Ebay drop shipping, Amazon FBA,  and affiliate marketing were all considerations, but each of these had too much of a learning curve and many gurus promoted these tactics as “get rich quick” opportunities, yet I had not made the first cent. I had even settled for driving a taxi during the summer months for $10 per hour, but that did not work out either.  ESL online teaching made the most sense for my career background, but I dismissed it and made excuses. Analysis paralysis deadened any initiative I had of taking action to gain traction.

Wives Know Best


One day my wife said that she had an idea to make an extra $1000+ dollars per month. This perked my ears and peaked my curiosity. She explained to me that she was going to inquire about ESL online teaching to Chinese students. I watched her go through each part of the application process. The more I watched her, the more I believed that I could do the same. The first company hired Leah very promptly.  She made her promotional video. She waited and waited and waited for parents to book her but nothing happened. We had hit yet another roadblock.

Her Spark Became My Flame


With vacation quickly approaching, I told Leah that I also wanted to give her idea a try. I had avoided trying before because the notion seemed too elementary for me. I teach high school English, and I didn’t know if I could bring the enthusiasm of an elementary school teacher. The only difference in my efforts would be to apply for two companies that actually do the booking for the teachers, and the teachers do not have to depend on the parents to do the booking. Magic Ears and Qkids hired me after three weeks of piddling and taking my sweet time. ESL online teaching and Qkids have many appealing factors that make it worthwhile for anyone pursuing a secondary employment.

Online Work from Home


To begin, a second job would mean that I would be away from my wife and family.  I did not like the thoughts of that at all. The commute back home would also  get old very quickly. With ESL online teaching, it is all based from home. There is no commute to the office. When I finish for the day or night, I walk downstairs and that is it. I can work in my shorts and t-shirt or pajama pants. I can drink a cup of coffee and leisurely interact with my students. It was the ideal scenario for me.

Get Paid to Play with Online ESL

payment_proof-online _teaching

Essentially, I facilitate interactive lessons alongside Chinese students. I live in a small rural town in Kentucky and no job offers close to what Qkids offers in regard to pay.  I teacher two classes per hour which equates to $20 per hour. The work is not labor intensive like other jobs in my town. I have access to curriculum that puts the lesson on autopilot. The saying “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day of your life” holds true to this job. It isn’t work at all and is a great supplemental income. As you can see above, I made $1200 plus dollars one month, but other months I decided to work less which leads me to my next point. 

Flexible Hours


QKid’s hours are convenient. Morning classes start at 4:40 am CST and the last class starts at 6:40 am CST. That provides four slots and a person can turn the convenient times into class coordination about a week in advance. Teachers can also choose to Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights. These classes start at 6:40 CST and the last class is 9:20 CST.  Teachers can choose night classes any weekday night during the summer months. Employees can take advantage of the peak summer season to gain more hours. Times also change during daylight savings time. Some may say that these hours are too early or too late, but in all reality, the hours are perfect to do before or after your regular 9-5 job.



As mentioned in the introduction, when applying for ESL online teaching companies, two different ones hired me; however, the company that seemed right for me was Qkids, due to their curriculum and teaching platform. It seemed more robust and interactive for teachers and students. Games and fun activities populate the lessons and contribute to the overall fluidity and enjoyment of the content.  The program has undergone many tweaks and continues in its development. However, it is already an established curriculum with lessons ready to deliver to an eager audience.

The platform is one teacher to four students. They have also added a pilot program for one teacher to one student that comes with a written evaluation for those parents and students who desire additional engagement and attention.



Class coordination caters to busy people’s schedules. A person simply submits availability to class coordination, and they will book the classes. Lessons are assigned to the person as soon as he/she is hired. This is different than companies like my wife’s that allow parents to choose. As a result, the students are dispersed evenly and all teachers get an equal opportunity to work.

The Kids of Qkids


Working with international students is a blessing that I had not expected. It is enlightening to interact with different cultures and to see how they value education. The parents push the kids to strive for the best, and it is also a big motivator for me to see that type of positivity in a child’s life. As a result, Asian parents instill the universal importance of English and communication in their child’s lives daily. If only all cultures valued core content in this way. Asian culture it is truly something to marvel.

In conclusion, I would recommend ESL online teaching with Qkids to anyone looking to make an impact while also earning a great wage. Feel free to APPLY HERE if you decide this is something for you.  I would be glad to help you. Continue following this blog for other helpful articles to assist you in the process.