As I begin this blog, one thought crosses my mind: we are all born just a blank page. What colors we decide to put on that page is entirely up to us. That picture might be one of a beautiful sunrise, barely peaking over the mountaintops. You are anxious for what the day may bring. On other days, the mix of hues might be dull, the paint smudged. It distorts our clear picture. You are totally unsure what direction your life is heading. Through good times and bad, some resounding questions, many times, invade our minds and the questions and uncertainties all revolve around the choice of simply taking action or the lack thereof:

Am I on this earth to accomplish something more than what I am doing?

Do I have a ‘why’ ?

What is in my DNA?

Do I chase my dreams but run the risk of falling short?

Do I follow the status quo and go to my 9-5, come home, go to bed, and do it all over again?

The aforementioned analogy of life to a painting is also synonymous with our expression of words. I have ALWAYS loved expressing myself, documenting life’s happiness, pitfalls, randomness, and everything in between. It seems only logical that I start a blog, right? I enjoy writing. Teaching English is my career path. Piece of cake! However, for the longest time, I have avoided taking action. I have been paralyzed by what so many other writers oftentimes experience which typically falls into three categories.

Inferiority Complex

I don’t have what it takes to do this. There are so many others in this space and there is no room for me. No one is interested in what I have to say. All of these thoughts run through our heads. That shadow of doubt dims any glimmer of confidence we feel. But what if we just simply said WHO CARES? For once, we put aside what others think about us and just write. Taking action means we are willing to put our emotions in writing to serve as a smile or inspiration for what life may throw at us. Make this a digital diary. If people read and get something out of it, great! If they don’t, you have something you can appreciate later.

Crafting Consistent Content

Do you feel like Plain Jane or Simple Sam? Does your life seem too simplistic to be consistent with writing valuable content? I would venture to say that most everyone interacts through social media. People have thousands of friends and tweet, update statuses, or snap something daily. I know I have thousands of friends and share my thoughts often. However, I am only giving others snippets. People deserve all or nothing. We need to take that little piece of writing, that 140 characters, and turn that bit of goodness into a detailed recollection of memories–start taking action with what you are already consistently doing and just expand on it.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

We have all made the excuse that we just don’t have time. But don’t we owe it to ourselves to create worthwhile content? A blog for me is something that I can create for not only myself but for our family to enjoy. And if not for ourselves and family, maybe the writing can be for someone who can somehow make a connection or become motivated.

In conclusion, my bio states that I am a humble husband, fond father, enthusiastic educator, avid outdoors man, and lover of life, and that is I plan to fill this blog. While my canvas of colors may not be a masterpiece, I still feel it is worthy of display.



Capturing moments in time.

Taking action.

What’s holding you back?

Happy reading!