Today is Thriving Thursday in which I share with you something about diet or nutrition that I have focused on for the week. I am by no means a guru of fitness or diet, yet I do enjoy studying it and incorporating something weekly, even it is a few walks per week. Today I wanted to share with you the full body work that our fitness instructor at the local college shared with us, along with a 300 abs workout I always enjoy doing.

My motto is “just move”. I also feel like the magic number for optimal results is one hour on any particular day a person commits to exercise.

Start off slow. Possibly two days per week. When your body becomes used to it, incorporate three days with a day of rest every other day. Eventually go to five days with a different body part each day, or my favorite, and best bang for your buck, full body aerobic exercises. For some great additional exercise ideas, check out this website for some tips by CLICKING HERE.

Full Body Workout and Abs Workout

The last few weeks I have been attending exercise classes at the local college with my wife, Leah. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with her and also get in better shape. Above is the workout we did this week.

Below I discuss some of the things we did this week. We usually go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and go for walks or something light on the other days. With kids, this is the most realistic for us.

The first exercise our instructor did with us was frog jumps. This movement incorporates explosion and increases a person’s heart rate, while gassing the upper legs. This can be done with reps or by keeping time. Your preference.

The second was wide stance squat pulses. These also provided a nice burn. We usually do these for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 1 minute, depending on your fitness level.

The third exercise was narrow stance squat pulses which actually hurt me worse than the wide stance. Time was the same for these depending on level of fitness.

The fourth exercise was squat into a shoulder press. I loved this exercise because it incorporated many muscle groups–shoulder, arms, and upper legs. Decide a rep range comfortable for you in which your muscles start burning. Be your own judge with where you are at this point.

The fifth exercise was the squat with one arm raised holding a dumbbell. This again worked the upper legs and also required some balance as one arm was raised. After so many reps on one side switch arms.

Next we did push-ups in which we shifted our weight from side to side after every push-up. The other we put one hand forward and one hand back and did a push-up and the alternated our hand position. We finished with diamond push-ups with hands close together. We did ten reps of each style. I usually pick out three from the video above for ten reps a piece, total of 30.

Do the above exercises for 2-4 rounds depending on fitness level.

To finish we worked abs. This has always been my go-to ab workout. It works all parts of the core, and it also gets a good sweat going.


This was a nice full-body, cardiovascular workout. If interested in a diet that I use often with great results CLICK HERE to read about my No S Diet Results. No bells and whistles, just a common sense approach.  As mentioned, we usually exercise twice per week at this point and also incorporate some walking or jogging on off days.  When coupled with a healthy diet, there is a considerable difference in how we feel. I share this mainly as my own journal to refer back to or for anyone wanting some inspiration or possible ideas. Have a blessed day.