This Motivation Monday is a brief one. To read last week’s Motivation Monday CLICK HERE. Something that I often think of from time to time is simply this–your trust is valuable and should be earned. Always hold tight to “your people” and make sure your gratitude is shown to them through your words and actions. Consider these questions:

  • If you were to lose everything, who would try to help you or still be by your side?
  • Have you ever considered who your true, genuine friends are?
  • If someone close to you died, who would be there to comfort you or at least send condolences?
  • Who reaches out to ask how you are doing or to just make a connection weekly?
  • If someone spoke ill of you, would that person nip the negative talk in the bud or would he/she agree with the person and partake in negative talk?

Many of you, as you read the list of questions, can quickly start crossing people off your list. The older I get the more I see that friends are quality over quantity, all day every day. I can quickly see who is worth my time and who is not. Sure, I will be cordial to everyone I am in contact with, but I can’t say all those people have my full trust. It is no knock to anyone in particular, but it is the harsh reality of life.

It takes a few times of getting burned to realize that some people talk out of both sides of their mouths. What is important to remember is that type of person is simply weak. The only way they can find comfort is by blending in with their present environment, even if it is a toxic one.

Some Never Grow Up…

Now that I have daughters, impressionable little ones, I am even more vocal about finding true friends and to never accept bad treatment just to have a sense of belonging. Elementary is a beautiful time because kids are innocent, and for the most part, they are kind to one another. Then comes the pivotal middle school and high school years, and somewhere along the way some young minds become twisted by the outside world, to one extent or another. People become blatantly mean to others. Many of those same mean people enter adulthood, yet they never mature in that regard. Their meanness just becomes more sophisticated and hidden.

So, today’s post is not intended to be one in which I rant, but my main point is to reach out and make contact with the ones who matter. Those people who like you with no strings attached. The ones who celebrate your successes and accomplishments and never find delight in your failures. Hold tight to “your people” and NEVER SETTLE for weak people. I end with this quote from The Greatest Showman which is so true and something to always remember.

hold tight to your people