I know some have read my original post where I talked about my initial No S Diet results CLICK HERE. That’s been my most viewed blog post. With this post, I want to update my progress of my No S Diet Results in 2021.

Let me preface this by saying that I have wavered some from my diet since I wrote about it in 2018. Life happens. However, at the end of February, I got serious with following the No S Diet, while coupling what I mentioned in this article CLICK H ERE. In it, I discuss fasting and No S Diet combined.

I also became much more active with resistance training. I was not motivated with traditional means, but I started using a resistance bands system called X3, and it has sky-rocketed my weight loss and results. While it has a high price tag for some, the results I have gained have paid for my investment. The system can be checked out HERE. This system rebooted my motivation as a fresh way to get in shape. They also have a community of users in the Facebook group. Comment if interested in joining that group to see the amazing progress from thousands of other people. Here is a progress pic of myself from the end of February until now. Disregard the dumbbells as they have done nothing but collected dust for months now. I also incorporate push-ups and dips with X3:

The No S Diet plus intermittent fasting plus the X3 Bar system have helped me with my health and diet goals. I went from 236 to 205 pounds in roughly 4 months. I have set my mind to it and have no plans to stop.

I can’t emphasize how much variable resistance (Google it) and bands have helped my recovery time and joints. While I am a proponent of the patented X3 bar and the system it provides, there are other ways to try alternative means of variable resistance if the X3 Bar does not fit your budget. See below….

Undersun provides a great program and community of users and the system can be bought through Amazon CLICK HERE. This system has an app and workouts to follow along with it. It does not come with a bar and foot plate, yet it has a system to follow. 

Serious Steel offers great bands but the only negative with this set is that there is no bar or foot play and no program to follow. However, you can access the set HERE .

Lastly, here is a set of bands with a bar and a few other accessories but it lacks the foot plate and no program to follow. CLICK HERE.

The above are budget-friendly band systems to test the waters with variable resistance before making a bigger investment with X3 Bar system. I do feel my recommendations above are good starting points, but the X3 Bar system is far and away the most holistic option for optimal results.

With any exercise system, diet is key and that’s what I have had success with, with the No S diet and intermittent fasting. Also, I am not affiliated with the X3 bar but wanted to share my success story. The budget-friendly alternatives do contain affiliate links, but again, in no way do I mean to come off as “salesy” but just wanted to provide other means to get started.

No S and fasting work, when coupled with some sort of activity, expedite the results one will see . Comment and let me know what exercises you are incorporating to meet your goals! Best of luck to everyone’s health and fitness endeavors!