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No S Diet Plus

My No S Diet Results article has gotten quite a bit of traffic and comments. I wrote that piece back in 2018. Some people have asked me if I have still been following the No S Diet guidelines. The simple answer is YES. The realm of possibilities with this protocol are quite endless. What I am currently following is what I, myself, call the No S Diet Plus.

No S Diet Plus

I will make this article brief, as it is simply an insert, to the long, detailed article I initially wrote about the No S Diet. Before I I get started with what currently works for me, let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle Ballou and I am 35 years  old. I am an educator and have three young kids of my own.  A person must eat to live. I get that. However, because I was always so busy, I sometimes ignored this important detail of life. Sometimes I would skip meals altogether and then attempt to catch back up by binge eating and/or eating food that was not wholesome. I became attracted to the No S Diet for it’s sheer simplicity–No Sweets, No Snacks, No Seconds, EXPECT on days that start with S. 🙂  However, I took it up a notch. Read on find out what my  “Plus” is with the No S Diet Plus…

Intermittent Fasting

I have been intrigued with fasting for a while now. There are many ways to go about fasting that can be read HERE. My approach is the 18:6 protocol coupled with the No S Diet. Fast 16 hours, eat during an 8 hour window. Why did I add this part to the diet? A couple of my reasons.

  1. My busy lifestyle had me skipping breakfast anyway, so it was actually natural for me to take in my first meal at 11ish.  My only adjustment was when I stopped eating.  In this case, my fasting window is from 7 PM-11 AM. A big chunk of that fasting window is while I am sleeping.
  2. Fasting has many health benefits that can be read about HERE.

No S Diet Plus Results

Once I added this to my regimen, I have been losing a pound or two a week, like clockwork. My wife also does it and it fits our busy lifestyles so well.  At the end of our fasting window, we are more intentional in making healthy meals because our bodies are ready for them.  With this, you can choose to continue your fast through the weekend or since those are your “S days” (free days) you may decide to forgo the fast on those days and start back Sunday evening into Monday morning.

Disclaimer and Tips

Before starting any type of diet or exercise regimen, it is important to consult with a doctor beforehand.

Another tip is that if you become hungry during your fast, a glass of skim milk always helps satiate me and gets me through any hunger pangs.

Also, diet coupled with exercise is crucial in fast tracking your weight loss endeavors. The 10,000 rule is powerful–10,000 steps a day is a great goal to set for good health. That is all well and good but documentation is the number one thing to hold yourself accountable and consistent. I started off by using  this journal HERE to manually write down my fitness and food journey.

When that became too monotonous,  I turned to a comprehensive health tracker like the one HERE. This gives me a holistic view of my health all the time–diet, heart rate, sleep, exercise, nutrition–a one stop shop for wellness. With this I am quickly able to tweak any part of my lifestyle that could be derailing my efforts.  While this was a bigger investment, I decided to get more serious and not put a price tag on my health.

I only share these two bits of information as what has worked for me in fast tracking my results and is in no way something that has to be purchased but writing activity down does help. Be intentional. 🙂

Give No S Diet Plus a try and see how you like it. Here’s to your great success stories!


  1. I have experimented with this technique in the past, so I’m curious – do you eat three meals during your window, or just two? I found it was easier to skip breakfast and have a small meal (snack) between lunch and dinner, if I got hungry. This way, I always had 2-3 meals a day and followed the other No S rules as usual.

    • Kyle

      December 14, 2020 at 10:54 am

      I do three meals usually, but since I started the intermittent fasting with it, it lends itself to skipping breakfast if a person wanted.

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