Qkids Hours…

Potential applicants for Qkids often wonder what the hours are. One apprehension that I often hear is the classes are just too early. In this article, I plan to thoroughly discuss the Qkids hours and hopefully present times that can be beneficial for all. CLICK HERE to register for Qkids today.

Qkids Time Slots: Morning Hours

Morning Hours

It is true that not every person is a morning person. Some can’t fathom getting up at 5 AM to teach ESL classes online to Chinese students. Others enjoy the early classes, as they are able to teach and have the rest of the day ahead of them once they are finished. Note: For the times used in this article, I will be using Central Standard Time, so convert to your time zone accordingly.

Each day of the week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,  Teachers have the option of teaching four morning classes. Teachers’ morning class times are as follows…

Class 1–5:40-6:10

10-minute break

Class 2–6:20-6:50

10-minute break

Class 3–7:00-7:30

10-minute break

Class 4–7:40-8:10

For the 1v4 classes,  teachers are to end 2 minutes early to do a simple, short evaluation in which the teacher checks  some boxes on student performance. For 1v1 classes, teachers end 6 minutes early to do a written evaluation of the one particular student.

Qkids Time Slots: Evening Hours

Evening Hours

Many teachers would prefer the evening hours, so that they can sleep in. Evening hours offer 5 classes on nights they are offered.  During non-peak season, evening classes are offered on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Class 1–7:40-8:10

10- minute break

Class 2–8:20-8:50

10- minute break

Class 3–9:00-9:30

10- minute break

Class 4–9:40-10:10

10- minute break

Class 5–10:20-10:50

Peak Season Hours

During the peak season, that usually spans from July to August, evening classes are offered each night, along with the same morning class schedule mentioned above.

Qkids Hours Requirements

The minimum requirement to keep employment with the company is 12 classes or 6 hours. In order to obtain the $20 per hour, one must work 15 classes or 7 1/2 hours to get the bonuses needed to bump it up to the $20 per hour.


These minimums are super easy to obtain during summer break, if your primary job is teaching. Having said that, if you are a teacher during the school year or a person with a different job that you report to all year, then you will have to become more creative.  Hopefully by seeing Qkids hours you can get a better idea of what will work best for your own unique schedule.

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Happy Teaching!