Return to the Cross

We have all had our moments. Those times when we have lashed out at someone. We have said things we shouldn’t. Bad thoughts enter our mind. Our actions are sometimes contradictory to how we are most of the time. In life, people are all going to have their vices. I discuss this in my blog post entitled Persevere Throughout the Year. Oftentimes, we become so ashamed when we start backsliding as Christians; however, returning to God after backsliding is easier than one might think. YOU ARE NEVER A LOST CAUSE. Today I share with you some of the key points from the sermon that was delivered at my church yesterday with the addition of how I connected with each of the points. Each point revolves around the initials “HP”.

Honest Prayer

Honesty is the best policy and that is definitely the case when it comes to prayer. Pray for peace and pray for guidance during times of adversity. This morning during holy communion, I left it all at the altar. The Lord already knows, but there is this feeling of peace during prayer that comforts me when I am weary.

The last few months, I have been super frustrated with wanting to provide more for my family but not really knowing where to start. I have wanted to provide more financial security. I have researched and researched various side jobs, but nothing makes sense and nothing seems worth enough money to pull me away from my family more than I already am.

During my search, it has left me feeling overwhelmed and super anxious, which in turn, makes me hard to live with. The very people I am doing the research for are the ones I sometimes take it out on the most. It has also distanced me from my relationship with the Lord.

Today, as I knelt, I teared up because I know that I have strayed from Him. My focus has been less on my spiritual life and more on my personal and professional life. It felt so good to be honest about all of this today–to have honest prayer, which is something I have neglected for such a long time.

Do you personally talk to your Lord and Savior daily?

Heartfelt Penitence

We need to right our wrongs. Saying sorry helps but changed actions heal. A few years ago, a man openly slandered my name to others in the community. He defamed my character and never blinked an eye. People would come and tell me what he was saying. I wanted so much to retaliate physically or confront him. I harbored so much dislike for this individual. However, what I noticed was that it made me physically sick but probably did not even phase him.

Over time, I realized that this type of feeling was simply a curved blade and the feelings I had toward him were coming right back to just hurt me. Once I had this realization, I vowed to bury it. Harboring hatred only led to my spiritual breakdown. Forgive and forget past transgressions and mend broken fences.

Are you willing to forgive and forget?

Humble Persistence

The first two are nothing unless you continue striving for the first two. It is easy to be on fire for the Lord for a week but fall back into the same slump once again.

Be deliberate. A closer relationship with the Lord will mean we make a point to pray and we make a point to shed the chains of hate and wrongdoings.

Not every day will be easy. Some days those negative thoughts will creep back into our minds, but it is important to stomp them at the onset.

The more rocks we carry, the heavier the load is that is ready to break us down.

Persistent positive steps in the right direction become habit over time and catapult us into peace. The same can be said for negative thoughts that mar us in misery.

Are you just a one-week warrior or are you persistent?

Holy Praise

During the good times and bad, praise Him. Simple as that. It is easy to be a fair weather Christian and praise during the good times, but how do we react when life happens?

Sure, holy praise means that you go to church, tithe, and participate whenever the doors are open. However, I feel that holy praise also entails allowing the Lord to shine through us in all we do and spreading our love for Him to others when opportunities arise. Don’t force feed someone who is not willing to partake of the bread, but always be at the table when opportunity presents itself.

That is not to say that a person needs to go out and do “look at me” deeds, but instead, we should consider ourselves second. Be of service to others. Consistently help others. CLICK HERE to listen to amazing testimonies of how people across the world, from all walks of life, are placing themselves second and allowing Christ to live through their actions.

Do you praise Him during the sunshine and storms?

Conclusion–Have Peace

These were some nice gentle reminders for me. As I sat in my pew, the four main points were a revival of sorts for me. Are there areas in your life you fall short? It is never too late to steer our lives back in the right direction, and these four principles are a great foundation for change. If you are deliberate in focusing on these areas, one can have peace in his/her life. God Bless all of you. 🙂