Devotion for Today

Devotion for Today

The devotion for today is Matthew 5:13. To read last week’s devotion CLICK HEREThe devotion this week really spoke to me. The expression “if your are worth your salt” came to mind for me.

What worth do I have for this world?

Am I a loyal employee and colleague, devoid of gossip?

Do my actions always reflect unconditional love for my spouse?

Do I spend enough time with my kids and set a good example for them?

Are our actions more godly or earthly?

We must be good christian examples if we want to be “worth our salt” with any human being we come in contact with.  Are we walking the walk?

A pinch of salt for a colleague who needs help at work. Some grains of salt for the person wanting to speak about the boss negatively.

A dash of salt with a compliment to your wife about how nice she looks in her new outfit.

A tablespoon of salt for your children to help you with the recipe for supper.

All of the salt you spread adds flavor to your character and the world around you!

When we begin to stray from those positive, Godly aspects of life, we then begin to lose our salty flavor.

Eye Opener

An example of slightly straying was a time, several years ago, when we had some friends over.  Adults sometimes have an occasional adult beverage and casual conversation.  My whole perspective changed, when my daughter approached me and asked what I was drinking. When I told her it was a beer, she asked if she could have a drink. I said “no” and stated that it was only for adults.  She asked why, and I explained that it had alcohol in it and that children should not be drinking alcohol because it is not good for them. Her next question rendered me speechless…

“If alcohol isn’t good for me, then why are you drinking something that is not good for you either?”

From the mouths of babes…

My daughter made a valid point to me that day and she was right. Since then, I have felt convicted. I felt like I lost some credibility with her that day. She looks up to me and has only seen me drink very few times, so when I was drinking something she had not seen very often, it really stood out in her mind. Her question that day was completely innocent and something I needed to hear.

Perhaps I lost a little of my salt that day, but the beauty in all of this is that it does not have to end with that one event. Anyone who strays or loses some of their spiritual brine, by partaking in an earthly time, does not need to feel hopeless.  Every day in a new day and we must make the best of it with the actions we show. Stay salty, my friends. 🙂

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