Well, is Qkids legit? Oftentimes people are leery when others talk about ways to make money online. Rightfully so! I have been part of some of the schemes of “if you scratch my back I will scratch yours” mentality. I have been a part of network marketing programs in which I feel the only reason the person looks to help is because he/she is receiving a hidden benefit for themselves.  The more the prospect sells, the more the person in the upline reaps the benefits. So, when my wife came to me with an opportunity to teach English to Chinese children online, I knew that this offer might be different. Of all people, I knew I could fully trust my wife’s judgement. To read about my whole experience with Qkids, CLICK HERE.

Money Talks

For most people, the legitimacy of something comes down to whether a fair amount of money can be made consistently. The screen shots below are only for informational purposes, but they show my monthly incomes for every month I have been with the Qkids company. It should be noted that amounts some months are far more than others.  This is attributed to the sheer flexibility of the opportunity. I am able to choose the schedule that works best for me and work as little or as much as I like. Read more on that by CLICKING HERE.

Once a person applies and is hired, money starts going into his/her bank account 30 days later. Other opportunities rely on items sold or commissions and take months or years before things come into complete fruition financially. This is different in that you are working with Chinese children from the comforts of your own home with a ready-made presentation. Essentially, you get paid to play and have fun. See my monthly payouts below…

Is Qkids LegitIs Qkids LegitIs Qkids Legit



I have been pressured by people who did not have my best interest at heart. To be fully transparent, Qkids does have a referral program. Employees do receive referral money for helping aspiring teachers, interested in making money online from home. There are never pushy sales pitch but only a helping hand if asked. Never once have I pressured anyone to join, but the only people I share my link with are those who have reached out to me first. I believe in the company and its mission.  Plus, they pay consistently by the 15th of every month. Those are the reasons much of this blog is devoted to being a resource to people who wish to take the online ESL teaching route. To take advantage of this opportunity, feel free to APPLY HERE.

Best of luck in your money-making endeavors.